About Us

Aros Marine is based in Klaipėda, Lithuania and provides Marine interior, Ship furnitures, Electrical & HVAC installation works which varies in scale and complexity all over the world.

  • Installation of walls, ceiling, deck covering, floor
  • Carrying out interior finishing
  • Furniture manufacturing & mounting
  • Installation of equipment in the galley and sanitary premises
  • Air conditioning, heating, cooling, ventilation (HVAC) systems installation and maintenance services
  • Repair of worn parts of equipment systems
  • Insulation installation
  • Electrical equipment installation

Highly Experienced Team

It is always amazing to see a pile of steel, pipes, mechanical stuff, cables and carpentry elements turning into state of the art mega ship. We are passionate for being a part of this process and giving people comfort on board around the globe.

Over the years Aros Marine has built and developed huge and powerful team of managers, designers and hardworking people as well as professional subcontractors to make your dreams and visions come true on board of any kind of ship.

Giedrius Valainis
Chairman Of Board



Aros Marine aims to become the most reliable and professional company in Europe in the field of refurbishment of Cruise vessels.


To implement top-quality marine refurbishment solutions at the most favorable price, in a safely and timely manner.

We believe in 


Tasks entrusted to us are carried out within the optimal time period and at the highest quality.

Respect and compliance to the norms of commercial law and professional ethics determine our successful competition on the global market.

We are confident that realistic ambitions and passion for own profession promote continuous development and trust of clients. Negotiating period allows to discuss the framework and principles for cooperation. Having entered into a contract, we meet the agreed deadlines and fulfill contractual obligations.
IngenuityAdding ValuePromotionLearning
Rapid response, flexible adaption to changes, adjustment of the course of actions when needed, constructive approach, efficient distribution of work help us achieve high-performance business culture. Our final product embodies a creation of ergonomic and comfortable working environment for seafarers, safe and cozy accommodation for cruise travellers. It is our pleasure to be of service to you in any part of the world.

Loyalty and devotion to work increase productivity and lead to satisfaction of customers. Our people feel valued and appreciated. We constantly encourage their passion for professional growth and promote their motivation.

Putting theory into practice is the best way to test and improve it.

Quality & OHS


Provision of top-quality services is the absolute priority for Aros Marine. Based on international practice in this field and in order to ensure constructive communication with clients, the company implemented a quality management system meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 standard, whereas a qualified specialist oversees the quality control.

Since the start of Aros Marine history, we have carried out a continuous monitoring of production process, seeking to make it smooth, safe and effective. Taking into account the acquired experience, we have correspondingly organized the Production Department, carried out certification of personnel, and installed a practice of compulsory trainings.

Facts & Figures

Turnover1M €2M €3M €7M €5.4M €11M €18.5M €20M €29M €50M €

Offices at Galinio
Pylimo str. 18
totalling 70 m2


strongest in
ltu 2011


strongest in
ltu 2012


strongest in
ltu 2013

iso 9001


Offices at
Titnago str. 10
totalling 163 m2


Offices at
J. Janonio str. 6B,
totalling 320 m2


iso 9001
iso 14001
ohsas 3001


Support Programs

Working across the globe, all together we are active members of local community. Our accomplishments enable us to support education and charity organizations in Klaipeda city and Klaipeda region, which contribute to educating new generation and creating traditions of a socially responsible society.

  • Together with VšĮ Paramos artelė (“Support Cooperation”) we have donated a special bus equipped for disabled passengers
  • We provide support to VšĮ Klaipėdos licėjus (“Klaipeda Liceum”) for lawn and grounds maintenance
  • We support a kindergarten-style school in Kvietiniai village in Klaipeda region
  • We provide support to children's Tennis Club Tennis star
  • We support charity Foundation Rugutė
  • We provide VšĮ St. Francis Oncology Center
  • We support VšĮ Klaipeda special school multi-center Svetliačiok
  • We provide support to tennis club “KOGAS”
  • We support  Public institution „Neptūnas basketball club“
  • We support  Recreation and Sports club for disabled „ Klaipėdos kentauras“
  • We support  Football school of Klaipėda
  • We support  Football club of Palanga
  • We provide support to Charity and support foundation for children that suffered burns
  • We support  Fund for children with diabetes „Smalsučiai“.

Need support for a meaningful activity? Please send your cooperation proposal to info@arosmarine.com.

Leisure Time

Intensive and varied work requires rest. Aros Marine team celebrates together major national holidays and important company anniversaries. Also, we enjoy team sports and do not miss a chance to participate in Klaipeda city sporting competitions.

Sporting traditions

Hope run 2017

Aros marine team are celebrating that „Running of hope“ marathon is successfully being held every year and attracts huge runners and a crowd of kind-hearted people. 

Clay Tennis Team Tournament

In 2014 company athletes claimed 3rd place in the Lawn Tennis Team Tournament of traditional Spartakiade, organized by the Klaipeda State Seaport Authority for employees of the seaport companies.

Viking Dragon - Boat Racing

In 2013 Aros Marine team has participated for the first time in the Viking Dragon-Boat Racing to win the Cup of the Klaipeda State Seaport Authority. We came 9th out of 28 teams.

Family sport day

Aros Marine" administracijos darbuotojų ir jų šeimų nuotaikingos sporto šventės akimirkos. Renginio mecenatas VšĮ Klaipėdos vaikų ir jaunimo teniso klubas "Tennis Star".

Port spartakiada

2014 m. įmonės sportininkai iškovojo 3-iąją vietą tradicinės Uosto įmonių darbuotojų spartakiados lauko teniso komandiniame turnyre, kurį rengė VĮ Klaipėdos valstybinio jūrų uosto direkcija.

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