Type of Vessels

Cruise Ships and Ferries

Cruise shipping has experienced an impressive growth in the last three decades and became a dynamic and influential economic factor. Cruises along the world’s biggest rivers are catching up with the popularity of sea tourism. RoPax ferries carrying passengers and vehicles still serve as the irreplaceable driving force for logistics and forwarding companies as well as for those traveling by car.

Modern cruise vessels and ferries are like real ‘hotels on the water’. In addition to comfortable cabins, here, passengers can also enjoy restaurants, cafes, shops and spend time in the recreational areas. When outfitting vessels of this type, it is essential to guarantee maximum comfort by reducing noise produced by equipment and ensuring air circulation and temperature conditions. Equally important are safety, aesthetic environment and comfort. Due to market demand for cruise ships and ferries and their route schedules, it is a normal practice to carry out their outfitting and interior refurbishment in the shortest time possible. Aros Marine company has acquired expertise in carrying out work on vessels of this type especially fast, while implementing highest-quality requirements.

Fishing vessels

Fishing Vessel is one of the oldest type of ship used by humankind. There many different fishing vessels which varies in general type (commercial, artisanal and recreational fishing), size, superstructure and fishing region (the sea, on a lake, river) thus there are various needs for fishing vessels.

Pleasure Yachts

Yachts are the pinnacle of shipbuilding innovations and aesthetics. Here, top-quality materials, ultra-modern design and software solutions are combined to achieve the highest level of comfort. The result is a comfortable recreation between heaven and water, intended people with exceptional taste.

We have accomplished several projects of luxury class, in the course of which we applied effective solutions to meet special expectations, while maintaining for the client the most favorable price-quality ratio.

Multifunctional Vessels

Modern shipbuilding is an area, where traditions go hand in hand with the most advanced engineering solutions and the cutting-edge technology. Here, as elsewhere, especially important are competence of partners, ability to mobilize highly-skilled labor-force and pool expertise from the outset of the project to its turn-key stage. We continuously search for excellence and gain unique experience during each project. Thus, we are ready to provide complex ship interior outfitting and related services and fulfill all wishes of the client. Read more about our implemented projects.

Oil Exploration Vessels

Modern vessels intended for oil and gas exploration under the sea bed have to implement a dual purpose – to create safe conditions for carrying out activity under extreme conditions. Therefore, achievements in the shipbuilding industry have to be complemented by corresponding principles of outfitting internal premises and installing communication devices.

Due to the most advanced dynamic positioning solutions these vessels remain stable and can carry out drilling operations at depths of around 1.000 meters, amid raging waves 10-meter high and taller and wind speeds of up to 25 m/s. Special attention to comfort of the dwelling premises and safety of the entire vessel are particularly important when carrying out installation of air conditioning, cleaning systems and interior at these vessels.

Rescue Vessels

Modern methods of natural resources exploration under the sea bed might lead to a belief that scientific and technological capabilities are endless. However, at the same time one must take into account the risk of ambitious ideas and to ensure their safety.

The latest generation of modern rescue vessels is intended for complex fire-fighting, oil spill response and rescue operations. They are specifically designed for to operate under the most unfavorable environmental conditions and have environmentally friendly electricity and fuel supply systems, installed in accordance with the most stringent environmental requirements. When carrying out works at the state-of-the-art rescue vessels, we apply skills and expertise to achieve the top-quality results.

Research Vessels

Each research vessel is unique, since it is conceived and constructed for a particular purpose. Nevertheless, many of them have similarities too. For the good of science these vessels and their crews spend quite a lot of time on the high seas, often – several months.

Specific operating conditions require more sophisticated air conditioning and cleaning systems, premises and flexibility in the use of their equipment, and exclusive solutions for equipping facilities of research laboratories. We know from experience, that outfitting and equipping vessels of this type is a valuable test of professional competence, which provided us with many opportunities to understand that we have chosen the right course toward perfection.